About Us

The Asian link between the maritime industry and capital markets


The maritime industry is in constant development, operational 24 hours/day - 7 days/week - 365 days/year.


Since the 1990s, Asia has increasingly taken over as the leading region within shipping and is today the dominating factor within many of the core parts of the "maritime value chain", such as ship-building and financing.


ERA Investment Ltd. serves as the Asian link between the maritime industry and the capital markets.


Via a global platform of investment individuals, ERA Investment Ltd. offers a unique blend of financial expertise and shipping knowledge, with access to operational and technical know-how within all major shipping segments.


On the basis of this platform, ERA Investment Ltd. offers a unique ability to originate, manage and advise on maritime investments and delivers solutions whether you are an investor seeking qualified maritime projects with optimized risk-adjusted returns, or an institution seeking advice on how to manage and/or optimize your portfolio. We also have the ability and experience of conflict mediation as well as distress assets disposals.


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